With today’s ever-changing markets, it’s important to stay on top of your portfolio. We know many people don’t have the time to manage their investments, which is where J. Hagan Capital can help. We offer an array of investment management strategies and tools to help you create a portfolio that matches up with your personal financial goals and objectives.


It’s been said to not place all your eggs in one basket: The same can be said of your financial portfolio. We’ve experienced an unprecedented bull market over the last few years, but are you prepared for that bull to become a bear? Our objective is to utilize investments that are a proper fit for each individual investor rather than a one-size-fits-all approach used by many others in the industry.

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we seek to create cohesive investment plans for our clients, including but not limited to:

  • CDs

  • Stocks

  • Bonds

  • Hedge funds

  • Derivatives

  • Annuities


In addition to the traditional investment vehicles, we also provide our clients with investment options that live outside of the markets. If you are close to or in retirement, exploring your investment options for less-volatile means of growth might benefit your financial portfolio.

Our firm understands the value of positioning assets in low-volatility environments that seek to generate higher returns with less market risk. This concept is known as alpha (α) and is a fundamental part of our philosophy to help generate solid returns with substantially less risk.

J. Hagan Capital works with your financial objectives to find alternative investments that can better serve your plans for retirement. Whether it’s consistent growth or better market protection, we offer a wide array of products and services that can create a diverse portfolio that you can count on.

Our list of alternative investment options and financial products include:

  • Gold

  • Private equity funds

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

  • Fixed index annuities

  • And much more

Are you ready to explore your investment options? Schedule a complimentary portfolio and risk analysis with J. Hagan Capital today!