While no one likes to think about their final wishes, it’s important to prepare your portfolio for the day you’re no longer with your family and loved ones. At J. Hagan Capital, we’re committed to working with our clients to help plan those legacy wishes. We strive to create legacy plans that will truly honor them long after they’re gone.

Estate planning services in partnership with EP Cloud

Regardless if it’s passing on your personal accounts, business assets, or other resources, a plan to smoothly transfer them to your beneficiaries is essential. We partner with EP Cloud to provide the following estate planning services:

  • Last will and testament

  • Revocable living trust (if required)

  • Comprehensive asset funding guide

  • Financial power of attorney

  • Living will/advocate healthcare directories

  • Healthcare power of attorney

  • HIPAA authorization

We capitalize on our knowledge of the IRS tax codes and current legislation to help our clients effectively plan for leaving their assets to their beneficiaries without generating large tax burdens. We work intimately with trust attorneys to help ensure that our clients’ life savings, businesses, and assets are protected through the appropriate trusts and other necessary legal instruments.

Estate Planning in Louisville, Kentucky Whether it’s passing your assets on to family or a cause you feel strongly about, J. Hagan Capital is here to help. Contact one of our seasoned professionals today to discover how you can prepare for the future!