We have found that many investors are overpaying their taxes — especially in retirement. J. Hagan Capital works alongside you and our experienced tax professionals to find the investment strategies and plans that work to provide the best tax situation possible.


One of our focuses is tax-free investing. There are several strategies our firm employs to help generate tax-free income for clients who might be overpaying taxes. The IRS enrolled agents (EAs) and certified public accountants (CPAs) we work with are trained in helping to develop and manage strategies to potentially reduce taxation on income in retirement.


Our tax professionals work with clients and a team of qualified tax professionals to help position assets and income in such a way that can potentially limit or eliminate taxes on Social Security income, often through trusts, insurance, and other tax shelters.

In addition to our tax strategies, we can also help you with your tax returns. For more information on our tax services, visit our J. Hagan Tax page.