Retirement planning for your needs

No two people are alike, nor are their financial goals. Some financial professionals provide the same options, but we like to take a different approach at J. Hagan Capital. We look out for our clients’ best interest and help them decide if their current plan works or not.


With over half of people nearing retirement saying their top retirement fear is outliving their savings, creating a retirement plan is more important now than ever. It may seem intimidating, but that’s where J. Hagan Capital can help. Through our years of experience with retirement planning, we can help develop a retirement plan with you in mind.

We strive to offer the industry’s highest level of retirement planning knowledge and investment options to help achieve client goals. We do not sell products, but rather establish a plan for clients to better understand how their decisions can affect their retirement goals, portfolios, and income streams. We help clients select the proper investment and insurance vehicles to reach their goals in their desired timeframes.

It’s our commitment that our clients don’t receive products and plans that work for us, but instead the services they need for a more successful retirement. We recognize that every retiree’s goals and objectives vary: Whether it’s traveling, spending more time with family, opening that small business they’ve always wanted, or anything in between, it’s our goal to help clients create custom retirement plans they can proudly call their own.


Retirement is an exciting time, but uncertainty can also come with this season.

Only 20% of those nearing retirement have pension plans. As we transition from company pensions to other means of generating income for retirement, an income plan is paramount to many people’s retirement. J. Hagan Capital strives to help create an income plan they can’t outlive.

We offer full-service income planning to help enable our clients to take the uncertainty out of retirement income. Our systems and knowledge allow our clients to see how their decisions can affect their pensions, Social Security, qualified plans, asset portfolios, real estate investments, and annuities.

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